Since our first attempt at this was such a big hit, I decided to work in some of your best comments along with more of my own memories to make “10 More Signs You’re from Beaver Falls.”

I’ll skip the introduction since we already had one last time… here we go!

1. You have done homework at the Carnegie Library.

Whether it was on your way walking home from school, or a trip for peace and quiet on a Saturday, you spent some time holed up in the Carnegie Library with your nose buried in a book or two.

2. You’ve been caught stuffing your face at Eat’n Park after 2 am.

Don’t be embarrassed that you closed down the 19th Hole then went straight to Eat’n Park for a Roast Beef Sandwich or middle-of-the-night breakfast. We’ve all done it!

Partly because it’s the only place in the area open 24 hours, and also because we secretly love coming back from a football game or late night and getting some good old chain restaurant comfort food.

3. You know someone who worked for B&W.

We’ve already talked about J&L for the county, and US Air, but I think one of the most memorable mills in Beaver Falls had to be B&W.

My grandpa worked there for years after serving in World War II, and my Dad said one of his favorite memories growing up was the B&W Christmas Party. It wasn’t just for the employees, but for their entire families. Every child got a present and a 6-pack of candy bars. What could be better?

4. You are a HUGE supporter of local businesses, past and present.

Do you have a suit from Zeiden’s or a gown from Mary’s? Do you buy your shoes at Enelows or Wolfe’s instead of driving to the mall, you support our local, family owned businesses that we all know so well?

Do you miss the penny candy and toys from Bonnage’s, shopping at Bentley’s Department Store, or Murphy’s 5&10? How about Kelly’s Hardware or playing pool at the Blue Room?

All local, all fantastic! Our continued support of these family owned businesses will help keep our favorite sports around for years to come!

5. You can’t even conceive the idea of eating a hot dog without chili & cheese.

And why would you even want to? A plain hot dog? Ughhh. Give me some Hot Dog Shoppe smothered in chili and onions and I’ll be content. Forever.

6. You can still hear the cannon at Reeve’s Stadium.

A Tiger touchdown! BOOM!!!!! That’s one of the things I will always remember about going to watch my cousin play for Beaver Falls and then later for Geneva. I would get SO excited before it would go off, and of course my little brother was a baby… so he would cry.

7. Your basketball team held secret practices at Feltrop’s gym.

Since the last one is a little BF specific, here’s one for the Cougars. Remember how the district had reasonable rules for its youth sports teams only allowing us to practice a certain number of days per week?

Forget that! All of the coaches in the area would fight each other for gym time out at Feltrop’s. Since they weren’t affiliated with any of the schools, it was allowed. No wonder we were so good! (Even though all of our parents hated driving us out there.)

8. You’ve seen a movie in downtown Beaver Falls.

At the old Realto and Grenada Theaters on 7th Avenue. According to one of our readers, at one time it was only 15 cents for a ticket, 10 for popcorn, and five for candy.

We can also add in the old Carmike Cinemas on Route 18 and Spotlight 88 Drive in even though they weren’t on the main drag. We still miss them!

9. You secretly miss going into the video stores to pick out your VHS tapes.

Come on, admit it. You know you LOVED spending hours perusing the seemingly endless rows of VHS tapes. Nothing was more frustrating than the new releases being sold out, or only being available for a one night rental. Unless you forgot to rewind your tape and then they would charge you $5 to do it for you.

Whether it was Movie Gallery, Iggle Video, Wilson’s Video, etc. Red Box is great, and Netflix is convenient, but I’d rather walk through the stacks myself any day!

10. You’re still somewhat confused on the school district borders, and who goes to Beaver Falls, Blackhawk, or Riverside.

Admit it, you aren’t quite sure what part of that corner in New Sewickley goes to Riverside or Beaver Falls, and those streets in Patterson or West Mayfield that are on the Blackhawk border.

It shouldn’t be that confusing… but it really is! One neighbor goes to Beaver Falls, and the other side of the street goes to Blackhawk.

Regardless of where you went… your mascot was a pretty awesome cat: a tiger, cougar, or panther!!!

Allie is a lifelong resident of Beaver County. She is a 2006 graduate of Blackhawk High School, and still resides in Patterson Heights with her husband Andy and their 3-year old son, Luke. She is a Regional Manager at PLS Logistics and a sports fanatic. You can find her on Facebook as Allie Dixon.